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Rick and Vince sit in front of the "Walking Clock."RICK STANLEY

Owner / Designer

Rick Stanley has always been inquisitive. It got the best of him when he took apart a clock for the very first time. He wanted to know just what made it tick. Literally. He was four years old. And he’s been dissecting clocks and putting them back together ever since.

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A graduate from the University of California , Rick received a degree in Mechanical Engineering. With that degree, he’s supported his family for the past 20 years as a technician in the power generating industry.

As an outlet for his creativity, Rick often resorted to his clocks, manifesting a “what if” attitude. What if the clock was stretched out laterally rather than circular? What if the mechanisms were displayed so that everyone could actually see the inner workings of the clock? What if we built a clock around a particular theme?

From these curiosities arose such designs as the Walking Clock (the pendulum actually “walks” from side to side, triggering particular points which maintains the accuracy of the timer), the Train Clock (which displays the front of a train, with a small model engine rotating out of it’s caboose every hour on the hour), the Water Clock (a resemblance to a very large chemistry tube-within-a-tube), the Renaissance Clock (a 700-lb, 10-foot high wooden structure which uses large rocks to maintain its accuracy) and many more unusual yet fascinating designs.

Always the inventor, Rick has also designed and built machines that dispense medications, farm equipment which reduces time spent cultivating crops, and an operable electric motorcycle.



  • 1st place in the National Association of Watch and Clock 2000 Craft Competition for Horological Novelties (sponsored by the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, NAWCC)

Featured Articles:

  • Spectrum magazine, 2000
  • 2000 and 2001 NAWCC Bulletin
  • Bloomsburg Press Enterprise
  • Shamokin News Item Newspaper


  • Channel 16 WNEP, interview with Mike Stevens, 2007


Co-Owner / Engineer

Nestled in a small corner of the world, just miles from Bloomsburg , PA , stands a young man busy at work.

In his shop are chisels and wrenches and pulleys and chains and bottles…and lots of other stuff. There are the usual (and not-so-usual) power tools—both large and small. You’re not sure just what they’re used for, but you know they’re used. The evidence is overwhelming: there’s dust, metal shavings, bent tubing—the list goes on.

But the most compelling evidence of his months of hard labor is the massive creation standing near the corner of this shop. At 10 feet high, this 700-lb, massive work of art displays the inner workings of a medieval-inspired timepiece.

Vince Stanley, co-owner and engineer at Stanley Clockworks, works daily out of a large shed, just off the beaten path. As one of two employees at Stanley Clockworks, Vince usually works alone, from dusk to dawn, while Rick, his father and owner of the company, works outside of the home.

Vince’s background certainly allows him options to pursue outside interests. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he could have continued a full-time course in the mainstream corporate environment, where he continues to serve as a consultant. But his passion for wood crafting and metalworking—along with his mastery skills of incorporating 18th century hand tools—is what keeps him here. Here in a shed shared with shards of metal, debris and a most vivid imagination.

Vince Stanley’s dedication to his craft springs forth designs such as the Walking Clock (a motion-triggered clock featuring several shoes that “walk” from side to side, maintaining the clock’s accuracy), the Train Clock (which displays a small model engine rotating out of it’s caboose each hour), the Nuclear Clock (which actually resembles a nuclear power plant) and lots of other fascinating designs.

Ever the creator, Vince also spends his spare time renovating an early 1900’s Victorian home, and building his own furniture for the home’s completion.



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  • Channel 39 WLVT, interview with Nicole Brewer, Tempo Show, 2007

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